Many of us would be lying if we said we didn’t get a craving for something sweet or salty at least once a day, but mindless snacking can be one of the biggest threats to our long-term goals…

Like eating crisps but afraid your munching will affect your gains? Love snack bars but loathe the thought of putting on weight? Enjoy soft drinks but aren’t so keen on what they do to your metabolism?

Of course, you’re right to be concerned; after all most crisps, snack bars and soft drinks these days are packed with ingredients that are designed to serve one purpose only: to get you hooked so you’ll come back for more.

Thankfully, there are some alternative options around now that can give you a tasty ‘hit’ WITHOUT impacting your fitness in a negative way.

Here are some of the best options that are available locally:

Available At Health House Nutrition

OLIMP L-Carnitine 3000 plus SHOT

(orange/green tea/grape)

OLIMP L-Carnitine 3000 plus SHOT

Unlike most drinks ‘shots,’ these handy 25ml capsules are actually good for you. The 3000 plus Shot gets a highly potent blast of L-Carnitine into your system quicker than you can say ‘down the hatch.’ This means that, along with burning body fat (the chief benefit of L-Carnitine), you can look forward to boosted recovery times and decreased muscle soreness.

FA NUTRITION Carborade Drink 


FA NUTRITION Carborade Drink

As well as being supremely refreshing (extremely important in the Middle Eastern heat), this isotonic bottle contains essential carbohydrates to help provide energy during exercise. Moreover, these sleek-looking sports drinks also supplement your body with many of those vitamins and minerals that invariably get lost through sweat when you’re busting a gut. Lemon flavour is moreish; multifruit is a taste sensation.

Available At Power Punch

NOVO Protein Bites

NOVO Protein Bites

Heralded as ‘the world’s first protein crisp,’ it could be argued that these set the benchmark against similar snacks. Whilst they cannot match the low carb levels delivered by QUEST’s mighty range (which are about twice as low), they stack up favourably in the protein department, whacking an impressive 20g of protein into every 40g pack (the equivalent of eating 70g of chicken breast).

QUEST Protein Chips

QUEST Protein Chips

As well as ensuring every bag of crisps delivers a whopping 21g of protein, Quest has also managed to keep the carb levels down to just 5g. This means that you can munch through packets of salt & vinegar, BBQ, sea salt, sour cream & onion, and cheddar & sour cream flavoured treats without feeling any pangs of guilt whatsoever.



Something about cheese puffs always brings out the inner child in us. Unfortunately the downside is the massive fat content. Fortunately, this is not something you need to worry about with these tasty beauties – they’re made with quinoa so the only thing you’ll overindulge on is the 5g of protein goodness present in every pack.

ON THE GO Fusion Snacks Active Range

ON THE GO Fusion Snacks Active Range

The four distinct trail mix products within the Active Range are all designed to deliver specific benefits to those who aspire to live an active, healthy lifestyle. POWER provides protein (5g); ENERGY boosts your energy; BOOSTER is high in antioxidants; and SUSTAIN helps to engender natural energy bursts.

TWO CHICKS Chirps Egg Protein Chips

TWO CHICKS Chirps Egg Protein Chips

Two Chicks has really gone and rewritten the rules of crisp protocol to come up with a potato chip that contains egg white. The end result is a crisp that is high in protein, low in carbs, fat, and sugar, and which contains 30 percent fewer calories than standard crisps. They also taste amazing, especially the delicious Smokey Jalapeno flavour.

Available At Oxygen Nutrition

OLIMP Twister Bar 

(wild berries)

OLIMP Twister Bar

These nice but not naughty treats are bestowed with a magic formula that delivers an impressive 18g of protein per bar, 60 percent of which is micellar casein. Throw in the fact that 30 percent of the bar is whey protein concentrate, and that it’s enriched with linoleic acid/omega-6 fatty acids, and it’s clear to see this is something you can chomp on without feeling guilty.

OLIMP Matrix Bar


OLIMP Matrix Bar

As well as having a delicious vanilla taste, these gloriously refreshing treats from OLIMP also feature a chocolate coating. This means you can get your ice cream hit and chocolate fix at the same time. Fear not though, these beguiling beauties have more than 32g (that’s right, 32g) of protein packed into every single bar.


(choco peanut butter/cinnamon twirl/white chocolate)


The great thing about the Combat Crunch range – aside from the 20g of protein per bar – is that they actually taste really, really nice. In fact, these MUSCLEPHARM offerings are like soft-batch cookies. They’re low in sugar and carbs too. Definitely one to stock up on.

MUSCLEPHARM Arnold Muscle Bar

(chocolate brownie/chocolate peanut butter/frosted cinnamon bun)

MUSCLEPHARM Arnold Muscle Bar

You’ve got Arnie’s signature silhouette on the left of the wrapper and an enticing picture of a mouth-watering chocolate/frosted bar on the right. Too good to be true, right? Wrong. This bar offers 370 calories and 30g of protein with zero trans fat, and tastes great.

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