The phrase ‘you’re only as strong as your weakest link’ is used by everyone from military commanders and soccer coaches to schoolteachers and motivational speakers, to highlight how neglecting some facets while focusing intently on others often results in becoming unbalanced.

This truism can apply just as much to fitness as it does to armies. For example, if you do weight training then chances are you focus more – whether consciously or sub-consciously – on some areas of your body than you do on others. The best way to rectify this is to identify your own ‘weakest links’ and prioritise them by making them the first exercise you do at the start of each session.

Focusing on a relatively neglected aspect of your regime right at the start of your workout will help ensure you are able to attack it with full vigour, thus improving your chances of achieving better results and, in the long-term, providing a greater all-round degree of fitness. Naturally, you will need to reassess your regime on a regular basis, as new weak links will inevitably take the place of those you manage to address.

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