Whether you are a pro athlete, an amateur gym-goer or even someone who has never set foot in a health club, massage can significantly improve your health and wellbeing.

Massage is one of the oldest forms of medicine, over 3000 years old according to some ancient Chinese scripts. Yet many people only ‘treat’ themselves to a massage on special occasions, which is a shame. In sport and weight training, massage improves your range of motion and flexibility, increases muscle tone and gains, enhances performance, prevents injury and reduces recovery time in rehab.

For athletes

Massage is an investment as it:

  • removes toxins
  • repairs damaged muscles
  • increases fresh blood, oxygen supply and nutrients to muscles
  • allows better growth and development.

For bodybuilders

Massage fights the negative effects of heavy weight training by:

  • helping to gain more mass
  • facilitating muscle development
  • aiding proportion, symmetry and definition
  • increasing blood circulation and removing waste
  • improving stage confidence.

But that’s not all; massage is also a natural painkiller for anything from headaches to sciatica, reducing soft tissue discomfort and spasms by lowering blood pressure, increasing circulation and increasing endorphins in the body. Massage reduces stress, increases productivity, decreases anxiety and depression, improves sleep, and can even boost your immune system. Massage offers a plethora of health benefits at any age.

For children

Regular massage:

  • balances hormones
  • calms and soothes
  • helps with focus
  • relaxes and decreases stress
  • boosts the immune system.

For the elderly

Massage helps flexibility and mobility while supporting wellbeing and also preventing age related diseases such as:

  • disc disorders
  • spinal stenosis
  • Alzheimer’s
  • joint pain and stiffness.

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