What Is CrossFit?

We hear about CrossFit everywhere. But incorrect definitions of the term are leaving many of us confused, and even worse, put off trying it. Ahmad Al Abduljaleel – level 2 CrossFit trainer – is here to set the record straight.

We can define the term CrossFit as a core strength and conditioning training program; one that aims to prepare members for facing different kinds of physical challenges in their daily life. Similar training programs are used for police operations, marines, military and firefighters. This is serious stuff. For this reason, CrossFit is considered to be one of the most efficient training programs for fat loss, when combined with a healthy balanced diet.

CrossFit aims to create a well-rounded athlete through the following 10 principles:











CrossFit is becoming a very popular professional sport that is being practiced worldwide with more than 10,000 affiliated gyms. It is suitable for all ages and abilities as it can be modified according to an individual’s own pace. The type of exercise remains the same but the intensity varies according to ability. The Olympic athlete’s needs and a typical person’s needs differ. Generally speaking, CrossFit plays an important role in optimising fitness and strength but it can also be used to support other sports such as martial arts, track and field.

CrossFit has three main aspects:

Functional movements

These are multi-joint compound movements that cannot be divided into isolated movements. Example: squats and deadlifts.

Constantly varied

There isn’t a basic routine in CrossFit. Diverse programs mean nerves and muscles will not adjust to only one type of training.

High intensity

This includes reaching neuroendocrine adaptation either neurologically or hormonally in your body.

CrossFit FAQs

Does CrossFit target mass gain?

Gains are not a priority in CrossFit, although athletes may get muscle mass through their weight lifting training and the functional lifts.

Can I combine CrossFit with bodybuilding?

Yes! If you want better strength, better conditioning and more gains, you can combine the two sports. Create a program that incorporates both sports without overtraining.

Does CrossFit cause injury?

Injuries can be found in any sport. Since CrossFit depends on free weights, then it is the athlete’s responsibility to learn the proper lifting techniques in order to avoid injuries. You have to learn the basics before moving on to more complicated movements.

Is CrossFit very effective for fat loss?

CrossFit is one of the most effective methods for fat loss and body toning due to its high intensity workouts. Such workouts burn calories for hours after the training session, along with maintaining muscle mass from weightlifting.

Is CrossFit for everyone?

Yes. CrossFit is for everyone that looks to improve general strength and conditioning.

CrossFit Top Tips

1. Location, Location, Location

Choose your CrossFit box wisely depending on which has the best training hours, equipment and coaching background for your needs.

4. Learn your lifts

Learn the proper techniques for your lifts, and never increase your lifting weights before mastering the technique.

7. Stretch it out

Start with a dynamic warm up before your session, and always end it with stretching your muscles.

2. Quiz your coach

Ask your coach about his athletic background, certifications and his achievement in CrossFit.

5. Take care of technique

Always maintain the proper lifting technique with each lift, especially with high repetitions, and never break your form to finish faster.

8. Get injuries checked

Overtraining is your first enemy.

3. Less is more

The fewer CrossFitters per session, the more focus and attention you will get from your coach.

6. Knowledge is power

Read more and always be aware of everything related to your sport.

9. Get some sleep

Sufficient sleep, rest and proper nutrition are your key to achieving the most in every sport.

About The Author:

Ahmad Al Abduljaleel is a certified CrossFit level 2 trainer and holds training certificates in kettlebell, powerlifting, weightlifting and mobility. He started coaching CrossFit in Kuwait in 2013 and has competed in many CrossFit competitions both at home and abroad.

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Instagram: @jaleelio

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