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Welcome to the new and improved Perfect Fit! 

Have you wondered what happened to the magazine over the past month? We’ve been busy working intently behind the scenes. After 12 wonderful months in Kuwait, we decided to celebrate our first birthday with a special edition that eventually turned into a complete magazine redesign. Each and every page of the magazine has been revamped to giving it a fresher, more modern look. We have new expert contributors and new content ideas. And as always, we gathered for you a ton of great training advice and nutrition tips to support you in reaching your fitness goals plus style secrets to keep you looking and feeling great.

We think Perfect Fit is now better than ever, but we would like to hear it from you! Get in touch and let me know what you think about the new style and if there is something we could do to improve it further. The magazine is meant to be YOUR best training partner – let’s make it TOGETHER!

Katarzyna Khanna

Executive Editor

Ask The Experts

At Perfect Fit we have a top team of diet, training and physio professionals at our disposal. Do you have a question for one of our experts? If you have a query about your nutrition, workout or rehab, post it to Twitter @perfectfitmag or Facebook perfectfit.kuwait then look out for your answer in the next issue of Perfect Fit!

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