Many of us look to the Internet for inspiration for our workouts, but sometimes the ideas we find are not what we expect…

Pocket Partner

The anytime, anywhere monitoring device has arrived. Although you can’t wear it, the Tao WellShell allows you to work with it as it records km covered, calories, sleep and heart rate. Simply hold the gadget and squeeze either side of it with your palms while following app directions on a Smartphone or iPad. Check back in with your pocket sized digital friend for results, goal setting and ability to share with your friends.

A Head For Numbers?

Spree, the cutting edge futuristic looking headband, has arrived and has already revolutionised the health and fitness world. Say hello to this comfortable head accessory that wouldn’t look out of place in Star Trek. What’s cool is that it monitors your heart rate, speed, your calories and your body temperature – whether you’re walking or cycling – from the forehead rather than the wrist. It also warns you if you’re overheating or dehydrated. What’s not cool is how you look wearing it!


The Finis Neptune is placed onto your swimming goggles, as bone conduction audio filters sound to your ears, making it louder when underwater. It has 4GB of space, a rechargeable battery lasting eight hours and an OLED screen with controls. If it’s good enough for the dolphins…



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