There’ll be no rest after the big O this year with the final Arnold Classic of 2016 taking place in Spain the very next week.

From Ohio to Melbourne, Rio to Johannesburg, Hong Kong and now Spain, he European leg of the Arnold Classic moves from Madrid to Barcelona this year in the final event of a year’s worth of shows.

For many, the Arnold Classic Europe (ACE) is a highlight of the sporting calendar as it showcases a huge variety of athletic events including martial arts, Parkour, fencing, jump rope, Zumba, arm-wrestling and even Rubik’s cube!

The Main Event

But bodybuilding, of course, is where it all began with seven-time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger at the head of the whole enterprise. Beginning with a weigh-in on the Thursday night, there will be a total of 13 different bodybuilding, fitness and physique competitions over the weekend, each of which being separated into their own divisions according to gender, age, weight and height.

Olympia Vs ACE

Several athletes are due to make appearances at both Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas and ACE in Barcelona with just a few days in between for travel and rest. Most notable on the roster to compete in both bodybuilding contests are:

  • William Bonac
  • Brandon Curry
  • Shawn Rhoden
  • Roelly Winklaar

The absence of Kai Greene from the ACE website however (despite him winning at the Ohio event in March) perhaps provides further proof that ‘The Predator’ will indeed take to the Mr. Olympia stage after pulling out in 2015.

The Arnold Classic Europe 2016 takes place on the weekend of September 23-25 in Barcelona, Spain. 

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