What you keep on your kitchen counter directly relates to how much you weigh.

A study led by renowned food science author and researcher Brian Wansink has discovered a correlation between subjects’ weight and the food they have visible in their kitchen. The study, published in Health Education and Behavior, discovered that women who had breakfast cereal sitting out on their kitchen counter typically weighed 9kg more than their neighbours who didn’t, while those with soft drinks sitting out weighed over 10kg more. The good news: subjects with fruit on display weighed 5kg less. In other words, when you have healthy food in sight, you’re more likely to be slim. “You eat what you see,” explained Wansink. “If you want to be skinny, do what skinny people do.”

Eggs Are Excellent

Scrambled eggs for breakfast, or an omelette for lunch, could help you to manage your weight. A study published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition found that having an egg-based meal made subjects feel fuller for longer than those eating a carb-based lunch with a similar calorie count. Protein takes longer to digest, so you are likely to feel less hungry and eat less at subsequent meals.

Ditch The Diet Foods

Eating low-fat diet foods in an attempt to lose weight could actually have the opposite effect, according to research published in Behavioral Neuroscience. Researchers from Purdue University, USA found that the taste of food alerts the body to expect calories, and when this doesn’t happen, mechanisms that control appetite are disrupted, prompting dieters to eat again. Avoid ‘diet foods’ and concentrate on healthy nutrition for effective weight loss.

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