How can we build more bulk in less time? If you never feel you’re getting the most out of your workout, here are some tips which will help utilise the right muscles and lifestyle choices you can fit around your busy schedule.

A lot of people don’t have the luxury of being at the gym 24/7, for the majority of us, it’s an after work session or an early morning trip if you’re feeling energetic. There are some ways to make the most of a short workout though, try these tips to maximise your mass in less time…

Best Moves

Bent-over tricep extension, triangle press-up and the bench dip.  You could do the last two anywhere so even if you miss the gym, do some when you get home or in your own office if you have the space!

Coffee Break

But caffeine is bad right? Wrong! Have a cup of coffee before your workout to increase the amount you can lift.

Clean & Jerk

Clean and jerks increase your testosterone by 51 percent, so every time you lift you’re bulking. The move works eight different muscle parts, so it’s a really good all-in-one time saver.

Clip Cardio

Keep your cardio sessions short. Use interval training and circuits to burn fat and increase muscle tone without losing valuable time from the weights.

Leg Work

Your legs carry you around all day so they need to be strong. The legs help you core too; useful for those barbell squats. Keep your body well-proportioned by never missing a leg day again.

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