Top 5 Spectator Sports Worth Travelling For In 2016

With major global sporting events around the world, 2016 is a big year for sports fans. Here’s Aimee Joseph’s pick of the top five events worth travelling for.

The Olympics, Rio, Brazil

Held every four years, the Olympic Games is the largest international event, with millions of people around the world watching thousands of athletes from over 200 nations partake in a variety of competitions. The time has come again for the Olympics and this year, it’s taking place in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Over 13,000 athletes compete at the Olympics in 33 different sports over the course of 400 events. Each country’s elite athletes train all year round to make their mark in sporting history.
To give you an overview of the scale of the Olympics, during the 2008 Beijing Games, 30.6 million people watched the events within the first two days. The Olympic Games begin on Friday, August 5 and end on Sunday, August 21. Nothing beats the thrill of watching the Olympics live in a stadium or arena, especially the opening and closing ceremonies. If you can’t get tickets you can still watch events on television, as the Olympic Broadcasting Services produce a world feed to local broadcasters.

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Tour De France, Various, France

The Tour de France is a world famous cycling event, and one of the most-watched sporting events globally. Showcasing cycling at its finest, the infamously gruelling road race is set in the stunning rural backdrop of France with the final stage of the tournament based in central Paris ever since 1975. Free to attend, this event is a must-see for all cycling lovers; however, even those who aren’t big into bikes find the whole experience thoroughly enjoyable due to the atmosphere, scenery and pace of the cyclists. You have to be punctual and passionate about being a spectator to ensure you don’t miss a thing due to the very nature of the event. You need to plan well ahead to catch the rapidly moving display of athletic brilliance that spins around the country at a ridiculous speed. The Peloton (the main group of riders) are hard to keep up with and if you want to see them you’ll have be extremely organised and dedicated. The best thing about this sporting event is the ability to discover rural France’s villages as well enjoying the breathtaking mountains and valleys that spread between the small areas of the sport itself. The Tour de France is held between July 2 and July 24. Although you can catch the cyclists for free, you can buy tickets for specific parts of the tournament to make sure
you get priority positions. Certain packages offer to plan the event for you at various prices and include mini-tours during the race which you can check out online.

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Formula 1, Various, Europe

Formula One Grand Prix is one of the most thrilling events to watch in the sporting calendar. The cars are made up of around 80,000 components and have the ability to go from 0 to 160km per hour in just four seconds. For those who are car obsessed, a Formula One ticket is a must-have this year. Although the season has already started, there are still events occurring over the next couple of months in various locations around Europe. This season, the grid has expanded to twenty-two cars with the addition of the Haas F1 Team entry, as well as Renault returning after leaving four years ago, due to the takeover from Lotus. Notorious Briton Lewis Hamilton has met the high expectations of his fans as the defending Drivers’ Champion for the second year running, after winning his third World Championship title at the 2015 United States Grand Prix. The team he races for, Mercedes-Benz, began the season as the defending Constructors’ Champion, having secured its second championship title at the 2015 Russian Grand Prix. However, team-mate Nico Rosberg leads the Drivers’ Championship by nine points over Hamilton, while Mercedes leads the Constructors’ standings.

Upcoming events taking place are:

July 3:  Austrian Grand Prix Held at Spielberg

July 10:  British Grand Prix Held at Silverstone

July 24:  Hungarian Grand Prix Held at Budapest

July 31:  German Grand Prix Held at Hockenheim

August 28:  Belgian Grand Prix Held at Spa-Francorchamps

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The Paralympics, Rio, Brazil

Brazil is also the sunny location for another top global sporting event, the Summer Paralympic Games. This is always the most inspiring sporting event of the year, bringing everyone together with a sense of unity and warmth as the stigma surrounding disability is greatly reduced, giving hope to many people around the world. The London 2012 Paralympic Games had a massive impact due to the heart-warming moments that will go down in sporting history as a pivotal juncture in changing the way we view the disabled. This year will be the fifteenth Paralympic Games and it’s hoped that it will have a lasting impact on the world, both in terms of improved accessibility in public spaces, particularly public transport, and reducing the discrimination towards people with a disability.

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US PGA Championship, New Jersey, USA

Are you addicted to golf? Then you will have heard of the US PGA Championship, an annual golf tournament hosted by the Professional Golfers Association of America. It’s one of the four major championships in professional golf, and it’s also the golf season’s final major, scheduled for late July to accommodate the exciting return of golf’s presence at the Olympics. It features the strongest golf players from across the globe, with 136 primary tour players and 20 PGA Club Professionals. The tour players secure their spots based on their golf performance throughout the year, whereas the PGA Club Professionals earn their place by finishing in the top 20 of the annual PGA Professional Championship each summer. The PGA Championship has traditionally been held at a wide range of venues, yet now it’s hosted by a small group of celebrated courses, which also host several other prominent events, including the Ryder Cup and US Open. This year, the 2016 PGA Championship will be held at Baltusrol Golf Club in Springfield, New Jersey. This is a special year to attend the event since it marks a century since the New York founding of the PGA in 1916. The event will be held earlier than usual to pave the way for the Olympic golf tournament and will be played from July 28-31, 2016. However, it’ll return to its normal month of August next year.

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