Should you fuel up for your morning workout, or choose to go hungry? 

Abundant research suggests training in a ‘fasted’ state in the morning can boost your body’s fat burning ability; but it can also cause your blood sugar to drop, leaving you feeling weak, nauseous and unable to power through your workout effectively. Consuming pure fat before your workout ensures you burn fat for energy, sparing your glycogen stores to fuel your training session. Experiment with what works best for you; some fitness gurus swear by a spoonful of coconut oil first thing.

Sugar To Go

Your daily cappuccino habit may be costing you more than just a few dinars. UK charity Action on Sugar has published research that found up to 25 teaspoons of sugar in some popular coffee shop hot drinks – the equivalent of three cans of Coca Cola. Drinks such as chai latte, caramel latte and chocolate mocha are the worst offenders. If you must have your daily caffeine fix, go for the smallest size and avoid flavoured syrups.

Slimmer Shakes

If you like to make milkshakes with your whey powder to boost your protein and healthy fat intake,
go organic. A study published in the  British Journal of Nutrition found organic dairy products contained 41 percent conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which is thought to reduce the risk of obesity. They also had 56 percent more joint-protective omega-3 than their non-organic equivalents. Organic dairy farming methods also have higher welfare standards, so it’s win-win.

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