The Kevin Levrone Signature Series provides a whole host of supplement and nutrition products to help you create your dream physique.

Supplement giant Health House has recently added Kevin Levrone to its portfolio. If you’re not in the know, Kevin Levrone is a former American IFBB Pro bodybuilder and IFBB Hall of Famer. Born in 1964, Levrone competed in over 67 IFBB Pro shows during his professional career, winning 23 and subsequently holding the record of most wins as an IFBB Professional (until Ronnie Coleman surpassed Levrone’s hold in 2004).

Powerful Portfolio

There are currently 15 products in the line and they are:

Levro Amino Surge, Levro Amino Tab, Levro BCAA, Levro Crea, Levro Lean, Levro Legendary Mass, Levro Legendary Mass Bar, Levro Mono, Levro Pump, Levro Recovery, Levro Shield, Levro Supreme Bar, Levro Test, Levro Whey Supreme, and Levro Iso Whey.

Rave Reviews

According to reviews, the supplements by Kevin Levrone – especially Levro Iso Whey – consistently score high praise from their users, mostly due to the fact that Kevin Levrone products are always made from top quality ingredients.

For more information check out Health House on social media @health_house_nutrition or call 97987719.

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