Everyone’s talking about HMB, but what do you really know about the supplement of the summer?

What Is HMB?

HMB – Beta-Hydroxy Beta-Methylbutyrate – is a metabolite of leucine, which is arguably the most important essential amino acid in muscle development, due to its impact on decreased muscle catabolism and increased muscle synthesis.

Who Should Use HMB?

As HMB has been shown to decrease protein breakdown in the muscles it is especially useful for people who do resistance training, weight lifting, CrossFit, or anyone else who is concerned about muscle loss.

Types Of HMB

HMB comes in two forms:

1. HMB bonded with calcium (HMB-CA)

2. HMB bonded with free acid (HMB-FA)

Some studies show that HMB-FA is more effective but the difference between the two is negligible. Commercially, HMB-CA is the most common form.

The Benefits Of HMB

According to the International Society of Sport Nutrition, HMB can:

  • reduce blood pressure and LDL cholesterol
  • reduce muscle wasting in cancer patients and elderly people
  • reduce muscle soreness
  • enhance recovery especially with HIIT
  • prevent muscle loss in athletes
  • prevent muscle loss in people who follow a low calorie diet

How Much Should I Take?

3mg of HMB, 60 minutes before a high intensity workout has been shown to have positive effects for both trained and untrained athletes. For long-term effects, it may be advisable to divide this into
three equal doses of 1mg three times daily. Use this method for two weeks prior to an event or competition for maximum effect.

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