With an estimated 100 contestants expected to compete, The Model competition is set to become the largest physique contest in the world

On March 25 2016, the Al Baraka Grand Ballroom at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Kuwait will play host to Wawan Protein’s THE MODEL competition. The organisers are already expecting 100 participants to take part in this incredible show and are predicting it will be the biggest contest of its kind, even eclipsing the Mr. Olympia Physique last year in September.

The Categories

As is traditional in physique contests, competitors will be split into categories according to their height. The three divisions will be:

  1. Under 172cm
  2. Under 178cm
  3. Over 178cm

The winners of each of the categories listed will then compete for the title of overall winner.

The Prizes

For each height division, participants will be competing for the following cash prizes:

1st Prize


(2,992 KWD)

2nd Prize


(1,496 KWD)

3rd Prize


(748 KWD)




Every player that places 4th to 10th in each category will also receive a $1,000 prize, meaning that there are 30 cash prizes up for grabs across the three divisions.

But that’s not all…After the top seeds of each height division have been announced, the three men will go on to be judged for overall winner of the competition.

The champion of The Model 2016 will receive:

A non-taxable cash prize of $50,000 (14,946KWD)

Approximately double the top prize at Mr. Olympia, which is circa $26,000 (7779KWD) minus tax

A Wawan Protein sponsorship package worth $6,000 (1795KWD)

Per year for three years – total package $18,000 (5385KWD)

All competition travelling expenses 

(Airplane tickets, accommodation costs, etc) reimbursed by Wawan Protein

Is it too late to start training…?

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