If you’re new to the world of pills, powders and proteins, then here’s a little guide to help you along the way…

There are so many different types of supplements you can get, all doing different things and offering you the best results, but which one do you go for? Which one really works? Can you trust this product?


There are lots of pills out there ranging from fat loss to muscle building, but where do you begin? CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid) pills are always a good start. CLA pills have a number of benefits such as: Increased metabolic rate, enhancement to the immune system and muscle growth. These are big bonuses if you’re looking to build muscle and get your body fitter and healthier.


When it comes to powders there are hundreds to pick from, if you’re working out at a high performance or are a daily gym person, you are forever pushing your body and wanting to go for long to exceed your limits. To help your body go for longer, one of the best products to use is a BCAA powder (branched chain amino acids). You can get these in a variety of flavours that always helps as these powders never taste nice in their natural state! BCAAs can also come in a pill form, however it is more effective as a powder. BCCAs help improve your endurance, performance and also help in your muscle recovery. These can be taken before, during and after your workout.


Protein is vital for training as it aids in repairing your muscle and helps with muscle growth. Due to the importance of protein, people usually want to get as much of it as possible, fortunately, protein is probably the easiest thing you can consume. You can find it naturally in meat, fish, eggs, cheese and pulse, but to get an extra boost, you can invest in protein powders. Just like BCAA powders they come in a range of flavours, the hardest thing is finding out which one you like. Whey Protein is one of the most popular and safest to use.

Always consult your doctor before beginning or changing a supplement program.