A key requirement for building the perfect muscle is to have a perfect understanding of that muscle…

Once the below principals are understood – with the right training and the correct technique – the perfect muscle can be sculpted, injuries can be prevented and results are easy to achieve. Happy training, and enjoy the changes!

Basic Human Anatomy

Essentially, the body is made of:

  • Bones
  • Muscles
  • Organs
  • Veins, arteries, nerves
  • Skin

How Does It Work?

  • Bones attach to each other with  LIGAMENTS.
  • Muscles attach to bones with TENDONS.
  • Organs are contained within CAVITIES  (chest, abdomen, skull).
  • Veins, arteries and nerves run parallel to each other through muscles and bones all over the body.
  • The skin keeps everything enclosed, among other functions.

The Muscle In Theory

  • Each muscle has an ORIGIN, a point on a bone where it attaches by a tendon.
  • Each muscle also has an INSERTION; a point where it attaches to ANOTHER bone.
  • Muscles are ALWAYS attached to two different bones and ACROSS a joint. A joint is a point of articulation so the bones can move.
  • When a muscle CONTRACTS, the joint flexes or extends; the bones move either closer together or away from each other.

The Muscle In Practice

For example, for a bicep curl: 

  • The muscle origin is the front of the shoulder.
  • The muscle insertion is the top of one of the bones in the forearm (radius) below the elbow.
  • When the bicep contracts, the forearm comes to the upper arm.

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