Bader Boodai and his contest prep team have been busy over the last couple of months; and as they say, hard work does pay off.

Arnold Classic Africa

Boodai’s team killed it in both the Men’s Physique and Bodybuilding Divisions in Johannesburg, South Africa on May 27-28

Physique < 170cm

2nd: Mohammed Al Banna

3rd: Mohammad Al Habbabi

Physique < 178cm

1st: Saud Al Shatti

2nd: Abdullah Al Saraf

Physique > 178cm

1st: Sanad Al Sanad

2nd: Faisal Al Bahar

Physique Overall: 

2nd: Saud Al Shatti

3rd: Sanad Al Sanad

Bodybuilding < 65kg

1st: Naser Ali Al Sairafi

Bodybuilding < 90kg

2nd: Mansour Al Naser

Bodybuilding > 100kg

1st: Sulaiman Abdullah Al Turkait

Bodybuilding Overall:

2nd: Sulaiman Abdullah Al Turkait

IFBB Pro Leagues

Team Oxygen has also been busy prepping for some of the IFBB Pro Shows and it was no surprise that Boodai’s boys did brilliantly here too.

IFBB Body Power Pro 

Birmingham, UK 

Men’s Bodybuilding

May 15

4th: Nathan De Asha

9th: Roelly Winklaar

IFBB New York Pro

Teaneck, NJ

Men’s Open

May 21

2nd: Roelly Winklaar

IFBB California Pro

Culver City

Men’s Bodybuilding 

May 28 

2nd: Nathan DeAsha

3rd: Essa Obaid



Congratulations again to Bader Boodai, his team and his awesome award-winning athletes!

For more information about the IFBB Pro contest in Kuwait, please contact +965 25333307.


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