Maintaining good form is not just an important thing to do, it is also a very easy thing to do.

The term ‘good form’ refers to carrying out an exercise – typically a weight training exercise – in a way that ensures your body will receive the maximum possible benefit AND reduces your chances of getting injured. More often than not, this is achieved by maintaining good balance, utilising deliberate movements and inhaling/exhaling in a controlled fashion. While fitness enthusiasts with their own personal trainers or significant experience of weight training regimes are likely to maintain good form, other gym users can let their form slip, especially when you get to a stage where your current techniques don’t seem to be achieving much.

Lifting weights with poor form can have a very debilitating effect on your overall fitness. As well as causing acute injuries like muscle tears and strains, exercising with poor form for a prolonged period of time can also lead you to develop chronic maladies, many of which are likely to involve the spine. Moreover, unaltered regimes made up of incorrectly executed exercises can cause you to develop an imbalance in muscle tone and have an adverse effect on posture.

Taking some time out of your day to watch a few reputable YouTube videos or get some expert advice from an instructor every now and then is really all you need to do to ensure your workout will deliver the best possible benefits. Changing your workout to a regime where good form is encouraged can also be very beneficial. The famed ‘5×5’ workout favoured by Reg Park (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mentor) is a good option here as it stipulates that those new to 5×5 have to use very light weights (or even just an Olympic bar by itself) in the initial stages to make sure perfect form is achieved before moving on to more substantial weights.

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