Forget solitary training! Group exercise classes are more fashionable than ever. Expertly designed, constantly refreshed and challenging the BodyPump workouts let you meet new people, break plateaus and get fit fast. Kate Clarke examines why BodyPump is one of the most effective and enjoyable ways to get in shape.

New fitness regimes and disciplines come on-stream every year, all making unique promises about their effectiveness. But the proof of any exercise innovation is not just about how they boost their devotees’ fitness, but about their staying power.

Newly launched regimes which last beyond that initial flurry of excitement do so because they really work. And few deliver such an impressive package of results, and as much enjoyment, as BodyPump does.

Around 6 million gym users across the globe can vouch for the effectiveness of BodyPump, and Hollywood and the sporting world are full of its tightly toned practitioners.

So let’s take a look at what it is, how it works and why, if you are serious about boosting your all-round fitness, it is a great choice for you.

BodyPump legacy

BodyPump is nothing short of a worldwide fitness phenomenon.

New Zealand trainer Phillip Mills, the son of the former Olympic Games discus athlete Les Mills, developed the system back in the 1980s.

His fixed programs are meticulously designed by exercise experts before being distributed to an army of qualified instructors around the world, complete with a ready-made soundtrack CD and with very detailed class instructions. 

That means that when you join a BodyPump class anywhere in the world, you know it is going to deliver a fun, familiar, demanding, fat-burning, toning routine, all in 55 minutes.

The Classes

BodyPump is designed so each workout, from your first to your last, is as demanding for your body, as effective for your fitness and it delivers the same pleasing results.

The equipment used is basic – a barbell, a bench, an instructor to keep you motivated, and a CD of 10 chart topping songs.

And here is the revolutionary part – the focus here is on repetitions, not on using heavy weights. So a typical BodyPump routine can tot up 100 reps for every single body part. That is a staggering 800 reps per workout.

The result? You can burn up to 600 calories, while giving your overall fitness a massive boost. Your core strength is greatly improved and you can end up with the long, lean look you have always wanted.

Each class will lead you through a warm-up, then you will get to work, with a light barbell, using squats, presses, curls, and lifts and working through your legs, chest, back, triceps, shoulders and abdominals.

Then there will be a stretch and a cool down session.

The Benefits

BodyPump is one of the quickest ways to get fit because it leads all of your muscle groups through their paces, and rigorously.

Because BodyPump classes focus on light weights and high reps, you won’t get an over inflated look that can come from using heavier weights.

Instead you will gain a streamlined physique, a strengthened core, defined biceps, toned legs, your overall strength will be boosted and you will lose excess fat. 

And, of course, because it combines weight training and intense aerobic activity, BodyPump is believed to help prevent osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and cancer too. What are you waiting for? Why not join the classes everybody is talking about, and get the body you have always wanted?

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