Anyone who thinks of Kuwait as flat terrain has obviously never been to the Al Mutla Desert, home of this year’s North Face Challenge V4 organised by ProVision.

The North Face Challenge is an American event that has been held annually in Kuwait since 2013. A trail run of 17km in the Northern desert, it is a sandy and rocky ordeal that certainly challenges your mental and physical fortitude; yet many endurance athletes actually claim they look forward to participating in it!

This year, participants did not know of the exact location until four days prior to the competition on February 6. The race consisted of five laps of around 3-3.5km.

For a country with rising levels of obesity and Type 2 (lifestyle induced) diabetes, it was very refreshing to see such a great turn out of people. Over 200 participants that came out to one of Kuwait’s biggest deserts – with their entourage of supporters in tow – for the 8:30am on Saturday morning start really put their physical and mental capabilities to the test for a stretch of 17km.

Top Prizes

In both male and female divisions, the top three winners received the following prizes (plus a lifetime of bragging rights):

  1. 250 KWD Cash + Trophy
  2. 150 KWD Voucher + Trophy
  3. 100 KWD Voucher + Trophy

Race Results

Top 10 Men’s Division

  1. Maali Babiker
  2. Abdullah Al Failakawi
  3. Omar Al Failakawi
  4. Greg Ziembinski
  5. Mohamed Al Suwaiti
  6. Ali Al Mutawa
  7. Abdulla Al Sharhan
  8. Simon Bywater
  9. Tito Rodriguez
  10. Abdulaziz Al Khamis

Top 10 Women’s Division

  1. Renata Hoppova
  2. Abigail Bartholomew
  3. Maryam Al Failakawy
  4. Jennifer Cheney
  5. Amal Yousef Al Roumi
  6. Christina Vasilache
  7. Mandy Yeomans
  8. Sonia Gomes Alves
  9. Janet Testerman
  10. Marcela Saccani Salazar

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