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Gadgets, Gizmos, Gear and Grub

The pages of Perfect Fit are packed with products. We love training kit, workout gear, fitness food and supplements, restaurants, fashion, technology and grooming gadgets, and what’s more so do our readers!

Perfect Fit is the ideal opportunity to share your creations with our readers. We can offer spots in our merchandise pages, advertorial features and giveaway promotions to promote your product and boost your brand.

Perfect Fit Magazine is a reliable provider of ideally suited advertising and PR solutions. If you are looking for uncommon and non-routine ways of promotion, you  are definitely in the right place. Let us support your brand or company by introducing our promotion opportunities:


It is a great opportunity for companies or brands with well-developed marketing and PR departments. Advertorials look like regular editorial articles (except for the ‘Sponsored Article’ marker). They use the same fonts and graphic treatment, therefore to the readers, they appear more reliable and trustworthy than a standard advertising. They also give you more room to showcase your products or services with up to 250 words of text per page.

No one knows your products or services better than you do. Hence, you provide us with text and images you want to use, and our in-house designers create professional layout in style with the magazine visual identity.

Featured Product Of The Month

If you don’t have time or staff to write advertorial text for you, don’t worry. We can use our expert writers and translators to describe and recommend your products, outlets or services. We offer exclusive Product Of The Month column (1 page) dedicated to the promotion of your brand. We write the text and design it in line with the magazine look and feel. All you need to do is to provide us with the images of your products.

Sponsored Workout

This is the most complex option, which enable your company to show off your products being used by some of the most recognisable faces of fitness industry. Workout articles can be 2-4 pages long and include a photo shoot with local Kuwaiti bodybuilders. The article is branded with the client’s logo and features your products – the models can drink your beverage, wear branded clothes or use advisable equipment. This is very effective form of promotion and you don’t have to worry about a thing – we organise photoshoots for you, write the text and create stunning layouts.


Would you like to share the history and present achievements of your company? Have you reached an extraordinary success in business, sport or maybe you lead an original lifestyle? We believe in passion and unique personalities. If you would like to talk and tell your story – we are here to listen.

Individual solutions

We are open-minded and always looking for new solutions. If you are looking for exclusive solutions we are here to provide them. Contact us today and let us give you a fresh perspective on your branding and marketing needs.

For more information please contact our advertising department on: [email protected].