What kind of a man does Pilates? Well, wouldn’t you be surprised? Exodus and Warrior star Joel Edgerton gave it a shot 15 years ago and he’s still doing it.

Pilates may seem like a feminine pursuit but it offers numerous benefits. The Australian ‘warrior’ Joel Edgerton suffered a very serious neck injury on Thai beach that resulted him being unable to move his left arm for six months. The real question is how did Joel Edgerton overcome an injury like that? Apparently his neurosurgeon told him to give Pilates a go. Funny right?

Founded by Joseph Pilates in 1943, Pilates combines strengthening with relaxation. It has been described as “Contrology – conscious control of all muscular movements in the body”. The technique is mainly beneficial for those who have terrible posture. But it’s even more amazing for bodybuilders who spend hours and hours on the weights that can immensely tire the bones and muscles in your body.

For some reason, Pilates has a reputation as being un-macho and a woman’s exercise but Edgerton recommends his male fans out there to give it a shot.

I have a snowboarding injury on my lower back and Pilates really straightens me out. It’s the greatest thing.

Joel Edgerton

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