With countless pills and powders competing for shelf space with energy drinks, protein bars, amino-acid packets, and even muscle-building oatmeal, it’s hard not to get confused. Let Perfect Fit guide you through some of the items in the supplement store.

BUY IT NOW: Creatine

If you are looking to build muscle and improve performance, start taking creatine. The International Society of Sports Nutrition describes it as the most effective nutritional supplement available for athletes looking to increase high-intensity exercise capacity and lean body mass. In simple terms, creatine is one of the best muscle building supplements on the market.

For optimal results, ‘load’ creatine for three days by consuming around 0.3g per kg of bodyweight per day. Thereafter, consume between 3-5g of creatine daily. This will maintain the elevated stores of creatine in your muscles.

TOP TIP: Post workout nutrition

If you are looking to maximize results, focus on your post workout nutrition. In the short window of time following your workout, your body is more receptive to nutrients like protein and carbohydrates.

Multiple studies show that consuming a mix of protein and carbohydrates shortly after resistance exercise leads to a greater increase in muscle mass, along with a decrease in fat mass.

For the best results, aim to consume between 40-60g of whey protein, along with 50-100g of a fast digesting carbohydrate powder like waxy maize starch, Vitargo or maltodextrin.

WARNING: Craze under fire

Pre-workout supplements are a great way of improving focus and motivation before you head to the gym, but do your research before buying. The popular pre-workout powder ‘Craze’ has come under close scrutiny after amphetamine-like compounds were found in samples of the product.

The product is labeled as containing the N,N-DEPEA compound, claiming it is derived from endangered dendrobium orchids. This has caused controversy as the substance is structurally similar to a banned methamphetamine analog. Many online retailers have suspended sales of ‘Craze’ pending clarification.


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