It’s easy to set goals and make lists, but actually achieving that goal or completing that list is the hardest part.

People don’t realise just how important nutrition is when it comes to shredding fat and becoming healthier. Losing body fat begins with your nutrition and diet.

“I’ll start my diet tomorrow”, “I can go to the gym any time, I’ll go later”, “It’s only a chocolate bar, I’ll be fine” any of these sound familiar? The key to your success is to be smart and work accordingly to your body.

Your workouts are of course important, but if you burn off a load of calories but then leave the gym and walk straight into a take away, your workout has been wasted. You’ve got to eat and train smart in order to achieve your goals.

Step One

Start at a pace you can manage, don’t be too ambitious. If you have been eating certain junk food for a long period of time, to suddenly cut it out completely could cause you and your body a lot of unnecessary problems. Those pesky urges will haunt you until you cave in!

Step Two

A better way to do it is to gradually wean yourself off the junk food. Instead of having a packet of crisps and a chocolate bar for a snack, have a smaller amount of crisps with some fruit. By only swapping out one thing, you are not totally depriving your body of what it is used to.

Step Three

As the days carry on, and you begin to get used to this, you can then swap out more of the bad food for healthier options. Because you have been making changes in stages your body won’t feel that you have taken such a drastic course of action and you are more likely to stick to your plan and see positive results.

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