Kangaroo meat may be something you would want to skip but there’s a whole host of reasons on why this lean Aussie meat should be on your plate. The benefits of this meat will have you jumping for joy!

Native to Australia, the country’s indigenous peoples have hunted kangaroo for their meat and skin for thousands of years. When Europeans arrived in Australia in the late 1700s, they too, used the animal meat for survival. Then, in the 1950s, the first overseas exports took place. Originally, the Australians only sold the meat to European buyers but nowadays; kangaroo products are exported to over 55 countries all over the world.

If you love your meat, kangaroo could be a wonderful replacement for beef or lamb. Its rich, meaty flavour is very similar to beef but slightly gamier. For a high protein diet, ‘roo provides a break from the norm if you’re growing bored of beef.

Furthermore, kangaroo is the leanest of all red meat, extremely low in fat and high in protein. This means you can have more choice of cuts than with beef and lamb if you are trying to watch your fat intake. It also makes it a great choice for burgers and sausages as you can enjoy meat patties without the guilt of too much fat.

Needless to say, reducing your fat intake from meat greatly improves your overall heart health. But that’s not all; kangaroo meat is also rich in iron and zinc, and vitamins B6 and B12. Iron helps your red blood cell health, zinc helps regenerate enzymes and processes food, B6 aids protein storage and B12 (as you know from ‘B is for…’) keeps our nervous system functioning properly. So that’s your next barbecue sorted!

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