Compared to other salads and leafy greens, iceberg lettuce is an often-overlooked option. However it’s highly versatile and extremely low in calories so maybe we can change your mind… 

Since kale and spinach skyrocketed into superfood status, the modest iceberg lettuce has taken a step back from the salad spotlight. It’s true that the iceberg can’t make the same claims as it’s greener, more nutrient dense counterparts but that doesn’t mean we should ignore it completely.

The large crunchy leaves of an iceberg lettuce make it a healthy alternative to tortillas if you’re into Mexican food. Next time you fancy fajitas, wrap your spicy meat, peppers and onion into a whole lettuce leaf instead of a wrap and you can save around 100 calories PER FAJITA.

The crisp, cool crunch of an iceberg lettuce is like no other leafy veg. Use in sandwiches and salads to add another level to your lunch or dinner. A wedge of lettuce with a drizzle of blue cheese sauce is a retro but delicious starter or snack. Loading up on lettuce means you can enjoy the cheese guilt free rather than pouring it over bread or jacket potato – they’re the perfect partnership!

Iceberg isn’t totally void of nutritional value either. A two-cup serving provides around 28 percent of your daily vitamin K intake and 24 percent of your vitamin A intake. Both of these attributes help your eyes, skin and blood, and strengthen your bones to reduce your risk of osteoporosis. Not so boring after all!

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