The latest training trend to hit 2016 is functional training, and luckily for you, there are now classes at Kaifan and Messilah.

The benefits of HIIT functional training are endless. Imagine honing your muscles to effectively help you carry out your daily chores and lessen the chance of back and joint injuries while helping your body to shape up and shed unwanted kilos. What’s not to love?

Platinum gyms in both Kaifan and Messilah are now offering functional training classes as another exciting alternative to add to your fitness routine. Both branches have undergone an extensive revamp to make way for this functional area that has everything from Olympic bars, wall balls and battle ropes to plyometric boxes, squat racks and sand bags. Plus there are now three qualified trainers who will take you through this functional but HIIT-intense workout (including Perfect Fit’s very own Amr Ismail).

Key Facts

  • Functional fitness exercises train your muscles to work harmoniously together and prepare them for daily tasks by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work or in sports.
  • The one thing that ties it all together is that usually with such an exercise, functional fitness also places emphasis on core strength and stability.
  • Exercises are usually compound movements as once again the aim is to make your everyday activities easier whilst improving your quality of life.

Access to functional classes requires a separate membership.

For more information, class timetables and membership queries, kindly contact +965 1880008 or check out Platinum’s Instagram @platinumkw

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