There is no doubt that working out in the gym – especially around the free weights area – is still seen by many as being a somewhat macho thing to do. Because of this, it is easy for individuals to become a little carried away and let their testosterone get the better of them every now and then.

Indeed, it is quite common for men of all shapes and sizes to put some extra weight on their bar in a brief moment of madness and then do themselves an injury simply because peer pressure or delusions of grandeur have led them to believe that’s what a ‘real man’ would do. It is almost guaranteed that, even if you are normally a very sensible soul, there will come a time when this will happen to you. Needless to say, this is something you need to say “no” to each and every time it crops up.

While being abruptly negative to some of the more gung-ho guys at the gym when they invite you to join their bench pressing competition may not seem like an easy thing to do, it is something you must deal with. Lifting weights which are far beyond your current capabilities – even with a spotter in tow – is not a test of manliness; it is a recipe for disaster. At best you will make yourself incredibly sore and force yourself to take an unexpected hiatus from the gym; at worst, you could do yourself a significant injury and put your exercise regime back months. Simply put, real strength comes from knowing your own mind.

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