Failing to achieve predetermined goals is without doubt one of the biggest lows you can experience in fitness. When it comes to setting goals, it is important to remember that all fitness-related targets need to be realistic, clear and measurable. 

Whether your aim is to run a mile in a certain time, develop a muscle-bound physique, or lose that spare tyre around your midriff, not seeing it happen after devoting an inordinate amount of time and effort to it can make you feel pretty lousy. However, whilst it is natural (and all too common) to blame circumstances beyond your control for let downs of this kind, reassessing your goals is a much more productive response.

It is often true that fitness enthusiasts tend to set goals that are actually quite inappropriate when embarking on a new regime. Indeed, the boundless enthusiasm felt before undertaking a new fitness challenge can cause even the most level headed among us to set ourselves targets that are in truth supremely optimistic. Suffice to say, seeking out professional advice and/or learning more about your own body (metabolism, body shape, nutrition, and so forth) will help you to set yourself better, and thus far more achievable goals.

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