Sometimes it’s more effort to get yourself to the gym rather than to do your actual workout. Here’re five hacks to help you have the best possible preparation and motivation to get you out the front door…

Set two alarms

It may sound simple and easy, but setting more than one alarm is definitely a useful tip to make yourself aware of your impending trip to the gym. Set one 20 minutes before you plan to wake up just to slowly unwind and another to get you out of bed. Moving the second alarm to the other side of the room can also help.

Pack the night before

The evening before you plan to go to the gym, check your bag and prepare it accordingly. Whether your next day workout will need gloves for weights or a fresh towel to wipe the sweat, it’s much easier to pack it away the night before than forgetting it early in the morning.

Flip a switch

When your alarm goes off, put your light on or open your curtains right away and you won’t fall into the habit of falling back to sleep. Set your coffee machine while you shower then drink it, grab your kit (prepared the night before) and go. Having a routine with no gaps will stop you dozing off again.

Have a delicious breakfast

A scrumptious breakfast – ready and waiting – motivates you to start a successful workout. Make your favourite fresh smoothie the night before and leave in the fridge, along with any other snacks and supplements you need for training.

Plan your playlist

When lifting the heaviest weights, Adele just isn’t what you need. Get some motivational soundtracks on your music player and it’ll help pump you up in the morning and while you workout. Change it regularly to stop yourself getting stuck in a musical rut.


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