Everyone wants to get to their goals faster. With these five hacks, you’ll improve the efficiency and range of your workout to get bigger and better results…

Do your Monday workout on a Sunday

Monday is one of the worst days to go to the gym. It’ll be full of people with your ambitions to get ripped, but go 24 hours earlier and it should be practically empty which will help you focus on getting the body you want.

Bust out cardio sessions between sets

This is a great way to keep your heart rate going and to burn calories at the same time. Everyone likes a rest after a grueling set, but if you really want to test yourself, why not do your cardio alongside your lifting instead of waiting until the end of your workout? (or missing it out completely)

Don’t duplicate nearly identical exercises

You’ll hit more muscles, especially those that have multiple attachment points, if you continuously change the angle and grip. You may want to hit a large muscle group with exercises from different angles during your workout, but try to change your grip or stance while you do similar exercises so you’re not repeating similar movements.

Don’t settle for a comfortable 10 reps

Too many gym-goers choose their weights that they know they can lift, do 10 reps, rest and repeat. The problem with this approach is that the body is already used to the load so you’re not improving yourself. You can train for years doing this without progress.

Make sure you eat!

You need to make sure that you eat frequently and take in calories. Try eating small meals every three hours to keep your energy up and give your body plenty of fuel for building muscles.


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