Using Gerard Butler in 300 as your gym inspiration doesn’t mean your kit bag should be Spartan too. Having a few well-chosen items will make your gym sessions far more enjoyable and more productive. Here are three fitness must-haves for your gym bag.

Radiate Shirt

The good people at Radiate Athletics have come up with apparel that reacts to your body’s activity and shows exactly how hard you’re working in real time. The colour of this innovative tech garment changes whenever you become active so you can see which parts of your body are getting used in great detail. In essence, this enables you to see calories as they burn, be aware of muscles reaching their maximum output and keep track of your body temperature as it increases within key areas of the body. It looks cosmic too.

Nike Fuelband+

This super-smart and ultra-sleek wristband contains motion sensors that track your movement throughout the day, recording all your activity and converting it into ‘Nike Fuel’ points. These points are useful in that they enable you to compare your daily activity levels to friends and colleagues (and rivals), even if you do completely different exercises or sports. Moreover, it also tells the time and counts the number of steps you take each day – apparently 10,000 is seen as a good indicator of a healthy lifestyle.

Blender Bottle SportMixer

If you lead a busy life (or you have plenty of free time but don’t want to spend it in the kitchen) the chances are you can’t always prepare a shake before each and every workout session. The Blender Bottle SportMixer is a great little labour-saving device as the mesh ball ‘whisk’ located inside this BPA-free, leak-proof bottle breaks up clumps of protein powder, enabling you to simply throw in your whey protein, glutamine and organic juice and enjoy a tasty wholesome shake without a blender.


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