Do you have a New Year gym resolution? You may find that just one simple change could have the biggest effect…

The start of a New Year brings the opportunity to re-evaluate our gym goals but many of us set unrealistic targets that are difficult to meet. It is true that we need to dream big sometimes in order to succeed  but a huge target of making it pro, losing 10kg (or gaining 10kg) or going to the gym every day puts a lot of pressure on ourselves and doesn’t always produce the best results.

Here are a few ideas, which although simple sounding, could radically change our gym habits whilst paving the way to success without us even realising.

Training Tip One: New Gym

You don’t have to give up your membership to your own gym (unless you really want to in which case January is a good excuse to do that). But trying a couple of sessions in a different gym chain or even a different branch to the one you usually go to can really help to shake-up your routine. There may be different equipment or a cardio area you’ve never tried before. Have you ever even used your gym’s pool? A change of scenery and a break to your normal routine may awaken something new in you, and give you a New Year boost.

Training Tip Two: New Supplement

Have you always taken the same supplements even if you’ve changed your workout or your body is bigger or smaller than it used to be? Do you always restock your supplies with the same again without even looking for something else? Supplement stores are constantly updating their stock with new brands and products and it may be that they now have something more suited to your requirements. Next time you go to the supplement store, spend some time with one of the experts there and they could put you on a plan that better helps supplement your time in the gym.

But, please always remember to check with a doctor before starting a new supplement plan.

Training Tip Three: New Coach

Most gyms offer a personal coaching service and it is a great facility to take advantage of. Unless you are already in a committed program with a trainer, why not make use of this valuable service? A personal trainer will be fully up-to-date with all the latest training trends and tips and will be able to offer workout advice that is bespoke to your individual abilities and goals. Even if you are self-motivated and prefer working out alone, a few personal training sessions a year could provide you with the extra inside knowledge to get the maximum from your gym time. They will also be able to look at your form and technique and stamp out any bad habits you may have picked up since your last PT session.

Training Tip Four: New Class

Group exercise is a fantastic way to get fit and lose weight whilst making the dreaded cardio more bearable. Spin class, bootcamp or CrossFit all offer an alternative to solo sessions on the treadmill or exercise bike. Check out your gym’s group class timetable for more information. There will be a range of classes for different levels and abilities and some classes can burn up to 700 calories an hour so they’re perfect if you’re trying to shift some fat in 2016.

Training Tip Five: New Physio

Many people believe that regular physiotherapy sessions are only for pro athletes but physio is a benefit that everyone should take advantage of. Nearly all of us suffer from a ‘bad neck’, ‘stiff knee’ or ‘sore back’ but even if you think it’s not serious why put up with the pain when you don’t have to? Regular physiotherapy and sports massage will improve posture, enhance form and technique, and relieve and prevent injury. Whether you are a competitive athlete or a gym novice, make physio a part of your fitness routine and you will never look back.

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