We all have to start somewhere but if you’re new to the gym, make sure you keep the following in mind…

There are many things that can stall your progress in the gym, especially when you have just joined. The temptation to push yourself too hard in the beginning is all to common but take it easy at first otherwise you may cause yourself an injury with major setbacks. Here are five rookie mistakes you should be aware of and try to avoid at all costs to maximise your gains and stay safe…

Too Heavy too soon

All Men have the desire to train for aesthetics and lifting a heavier weight definitely looks manlier than lifting smaller ones. It’s all about competition. But lifting too heavy too soon will most probably affect your form and you could end up injuring yourself, which will slow down your mass increase. Start light and slowly progress week by week, if you feel your form slipping then go back down a weight until you feel comfortable enough to move on.

Too Often

Going to the gym too often doesn’t give your body enough time to recover; what you are doing is essentially tearing your muscles so when they re-build they are stronger and bigger. By going too often you are not giving your body enough time for it to go through this process which will slow down your progress. Three times a week is a good starting point.

Losing sleep

The hormone used for muscle growth is best active when your body is resting or preferably, asleep. Getting eight hours or more sleep is recommended to get the best out of this.


Using straps is bad for beginners because until you are lifting almost twice your body weight you need to build your grip and raw strength. Using straps straight away will hold up your progress. Not using gloves will also toughen your hands and make you more accustom to the weight.


Water is always better than isotonic drinks when it comes to the gym, yes an energy drink will give you a boost for tour workout but for when you’re resting you don’t need them as the sugar will just sit in your fat stores. DRINK WATER! Dehydration will have an effect on your stamina and ability to lift so it is recommended that you drink half your body weight in fluid ounces every day.

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