The bedroom shouldn’t just be a place to sleep. Create a style sanctuary and a homely haven with these five style essentials…

An iconic print/artwork

Wall décor is something you can use to display your personality, it’s essentially a piece of you and should emulate your taste. Choose something that suits the rest of your room, or base the décor of the rest of your bedroom around your art. has something for every taste.

A watch box

No doubt you’ll have a watch for every occasion, so ensure they’re housed in style. WOLF make premium watch boxes, which will keep your wrist jewelry in great condition, leaving them looking as though you’re wearing your watch for the first time, every time.

A music dock

Getting ready to your soundtrack every morning, or before you head to dinner in the evening is part of a man’s ritual. Doing it to crystal clear sound and bass will make a huge difference to your routine. Try Zeppelin Air by Bowers & Wilkins. Wireless streaming comes as standard so you can play it anywhere you like, not restricted to the bedroom.

Bed covers

We spend 33 percent of our lives asleep, so you may as well do it in style. Choose the highest thread count in Egyptian cotton for unrivalled rest. Hugo boss do an exclusive collection of chic bed linen for every discerning man’s taste.

A belt and tie organiser

If you wear a suit to work then you’ll have a tie and probably belt to match each one. Keep your accessories stored in style and your clothing system will almost be a work of art in itself. Practically speaking, keeping organised like this means you have your ties and belts at your fingertips, slashing your morning routine and making sure you can always put an outfit together quickly and fashionably.

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