If you are looking for a diet to supplement your gym time at Fitness First, you may have considered the Warrior Diet. It sounds serious enough, but does it really work?

There is a huge range of diets at our fingertips for all kinds of tastes and trends. The Warrior Diet, created by Ori Hofmekler in 2002, consists of an eating program of just four hours a day with no restrictions. This means 20 hours per day without eating.

Can this ever work?

The Theory

A hypercaloric meal limits energy and nutrient absorption so we don’t use everything we ingest. It generates a mandatory thermic effect, which enhances the energetic expenditure after the meal. This enhances leptin levels throughout the next day and as a result we generate higher satiety and – in theory – a better ability to use fat as an energy source.

In The Lab

Many studies on this theme are conducted with lab rats and show that the ‘restricted feeding’ generates positive adaptations and heart rate normalisation. However, these nocturnal animals have a completely different biorhythm to humans; so with humans we should expect a morning feeding time, not an evening one.

Internal Body Clock

Our body’s suprachiasmatic nucleus regulates our metabolism, and receptors increase during the day, reaching a peak during the night, and lower in the morning. This rhythm is inverse to cortisol production and therefore generates
a dysfunction in our biorhythm that results in a high exposure to cortisol, which programs our body to reserve fat.


It could be possible to plan the principles of the Warrior Diet in the yearly cycle of an athlete especially if it is set for a short period of time; however in the long run we might see significant hormonal changes that run due to the change of our biorhythm and this would translate into higher accumulation of abdominal fat.

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About The Author

Pedro Ferreira, originally from Portugal, is the General Manager for Fitness First at the 360 Mall. He has a BA in Physical Education and a Masters in Business Management. He is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and a Les Mills BodyPump Trainer.

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