Some gym members think that wearing many clothing layers or heavy clothes such as hoodies will speed up their weight loss process. But are they right?


Short Term Solution

Yes, you’ll lose weight if you work out in heavy clothing – but only temporarily. This is from the liquids that your body needs for an adequate workout session and guess what? That liquid weight you just lost will be put back on again after just a few glasses of water. In fact, you will also lose minerals and vitamins as you sweat more than normal, and you need those for general health and any fitness target you want to achieve.

Reduced Intensity

When you wear a hoodie, your core temperature rises while you work out, causing a fatigue that leads to low intensity exercise, which also slows down the fat loss process. So unless you are a bodybuilder trying to lose a few fast kilos for weigh in day, save your precious liquids and energy to maximise long-term fat loss.

By the way… Did you notice that the most shredded people in the gym are wearing just vest and shorts?


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