SP Aesthetics’ Simeon Panda reigns as the most aesthetically impressive natural physiques in the world. The London-born Musclemania Pro maintains a stage-worthy physique all year round and with over three million followers, is unquestionably an inspiration to many.

How are you finding the Wawan competing shows?

It’s been really good. The comps today been great and the athletes look amazing.

How does it compare to the previous shows you’ve judged in like The Show and The Model?

Talent in Kuwait keeps getting better and better. The organisation of the shows this time was also much better and more structured as everything ran as scheduled.

How does the WCE compare to the other fitness expos you’ve been to?

It’s still in its infancy but the stands look great and the participants and audience members have been awesome.

What’s on your agenda for 2016?

Just expos. So far I’ve already done six or seven expos this year. In fact I’ll finish here and fly to another one. It’s just been guest appearances, motivational talks and inspiring people.

How do you fit in training with the amount of traveling you do?

It’s really not as hard as people think. My first priority is hitting the gym upon landing and getting a good workout.

Can you tell us two of your fitness travel tips?

  1. Google the nearest gyms to where you’re staying.
  2. Make sure you choose the good stuff on the menu.

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