Two-times UKBFF Physique champion, Jonpaul Vital is a PhD Nutrition sponsored athlete, competitive Athlete, published fitness model, personal trainer and online coach.

Tell us a bit about yourself please.

I’m an online coach, fitness model and Two-times UKBFF Physique champion. On a daily basis I tend to speak to people all over the world as we help individuals do their contest prep through the company I own.

How does the WCE compare to the other expos you’ve attended?
Obviously it’s a different environment. I’ve been to the Arnold Classic in Australia and what’s different about the vibe here is that people are respectful and friendly and want to interact with you more on a personal level.

What’s the most challenging thing about traveling and training?

Generally nutrition but sometimes the training. This time around we’re staying at a great place with a comprehensive gym so training has been great and thanks to the Wawan Team and how much they’ve looked after us. My nutrition has been on point too.

Can you tell us a couple of fitness travel tips you yourself personally do when you’re on the road?

When you fly, you tend to hold water. Try to hydrate yourself as much as you can as long flights dehydrate you. If it’s more than an eight-hour journey, move to get blood flowing through your body. I would also say to eat wisely at the end of the day; clean protein and carbs but at the same time it’s all about flexibility.

Will you be competing soon?

Yes in the next couple of months. I’ll be participating in the UKBFF North Champ. I’ve won it twice in a row so I’ll be defending my title.

What do you think of the Men’s Physique competitors here at the show?

The athletes here are amazing. I met the guy who won the overall physique. Guys here are a bit smaller on the muscle size but their conditioning is really, really good and very strong.

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