For some, the pain of an injury never fully goes away. In fact it increases to the point that exercising becomes difficult, too painful or near impossible…

The solution is to treat the cause and never the symptoms.

What is the difference between the cause of your pain and the symptoms of your pain?

The cause is the origin, the reason for your pain and problem. The symptoms are the sensation, the result, the feeling generated by the cause. If you only address the symptoms, the pain or problem remains in place and post treatment, comes back. If you deal with the cause, the problem goes away.

Proper Consultation

Choosing the right person for a consultation is a crucial part of getting better. What is the right choice? To be handled by someone that will treat the cause of your problem and not your symptoms. Dealing with the symptoms can often worsen the problem. For example, so many weightlifters suffer shoulder pain. They get injected with cortisone or another inhibiting substance. The symptoms go away, the medication has reduced the pain so you do not feel it; you return to the gym where you damage the shoulder even more as you don’t feel any pain but a few weeks or months later, the pain comes back. The frequent comment is: “…It was okay for three months but now it’s back and worse than before…” If you can relate to a similar story then now you understand why your problem is not solved.

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As well as being a major milestone for Oxygen, Kuwait and the Middle East, O2 Therapy Clinic is a dream come true for Marie Molinie, who has dedicated her career to helping athletes. Having studied at Luton University and Glamorgan in the UK, French-born Marie has spent 15 years as a certified sports therapist and personal trainer. Her clients span from gym novices to pro triathletes, swimmers, footballers, and bodybuilders all over the world.


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