Data From The Dojo: Seven Amazing Judo Facts

With origins that can be traced back to Samurai warriors in medieval Japan, Judo was reinvented in the late 1800s to become one of the most popular martial arts in the world.

Say My Name

A person who practices Judo is known as a Judoka.

Vive Le Judo

The French Judo Association has the most members in the world. At nearly 60,000, this is three times the number registered in Japan.

Slamming 60s

Judo first became an Olympic Sport in 1964 when Tokyo hosted The Games. It was added to the Paralympic Games in 1988.

Force Meets Force

Many police and military forces include Judo as a basis for their physical self-defence and arresting technique training. In Japan, Judo has been practised by the police since 1886.

Jiu-Jitsu To Judo

Judo as a modern martial art was created by Jigori Kano in 1882, by removing many of the more dangerous techniques of Jiu-Jitsu and focusing on throws and pin downs.

School System

Judo became a recognised sport in Japan in 1910, and a year later was included as part of the country’s education system, where it is still taught to this day.

Monster Moves

Godzilla was a Judo black belt. Or to be more precise, the actor who first portrayed him on film, Haruo Nakajima, was. Nakajima choreographed Godzilla’s fighting style based on Judo.

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