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Maybe you’re on the competition circuit and want to progress your journey with our readers, or have an amazing body transformation to share. Did a new diet or regime change your life (for better or worse!) or have you been on an incredible journey that you think other people need to know about? Maybe you’ve spotted a gap in the magazine or website that you think you can fill.

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Katarzyna Khanna

Perfect Fit Managing Editor Katarzyna is the founder and driving force behind the magazine and website. Having studied Journalism at Kingston University, she went on to do a Masters in Design for Communication at Westminster and is now Director of European Divisions for Refocus Media. Away from work, Katarzyna is married with two young children and currently living in Poland.
Gemma Emmerson

Gemma Emmerson

Gemma is deputy editor of Perfect Fit. With a journalism and media degree from Kingston University, she spends most days making sure all the contributors have plenty to write about that you – the reader – will also love. She also contributes to the fuel and training sections where she can indulge her love of food and exercise (only one of those is true!) When not at the desk, Gemma can be found walking in the hills with her fur baby Bruce or in the kitchen cooking up a storm, and also on the ski slopes when she can afford it.
Gemma Emmerson
Lisa Monteith

Lisa Monteith

Lisa is a qualified nutritional therapist and Perfect Fit’s food, health and weight loss specialist. With a particular interest in dietary approaches to optimum health and sports performance, she will leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of the healthiest food recipes and newest research. Lisa has over 20 years of experience in writing about fitness, health, food and popular culture.
Lisa Monteith

Reshmi Revi

‘Actively chaotic’ is how Reshmi describes her life in Kuwait. Having moved here from London six years she ago she had one goal: to change the lives of everyone she meets for the better. A certified personal trainer herself with the NZCF, Reshmi is also a full time athlete who loves to compete in bodybuilding. By day she is the Master Trainer for Technogym Kuwait and a Poliquin BioSignature Trainer. By night she puts her Auckland University of Technology’s Communications Degree to good use as a health and fitness writer. A self-confessed ‘foodie’ she also reviews Cheat Day restaurants on a monthly basis. Find her on Snapchat and Instagram with @q8missfit.

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Amr Ismail

Amr Ismail

Amr Ismail has one main philosophy when it comes to fitness. He firmly believes that sound diet and exercise is an experience worth creating for all of his clients regardless what their goals are. As an ACE Certified Trainer and student of the world-renowned research organisation Precision Nutrition Amr brings tried and tested methodologies to all the protocols he prescribes. As such, he aims to empower all of his clients with knowledge, skills, and support to inspire them through their fitness journey and takes the utmost pride in showing them what their bodies are capable of doing.
Amr Ismail
Yousef Al Shatti

Yousef Al Shatti

Kuwait-born Yousef Al Shatti lives for travel and adventure. At 34-years-old, he has partaken in professional triathlon tournaments and Spartan races. He likes to travel at least once a month to discover new countries, attend competitions and experience extreme sports in different environments. Find him on instagram at Q8_spartan
Yousef Al Shatti

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    Bo Heamyan

    One of our workout specialists, Bo is obsessed with fitness, football and all outdoor pursuits. He studied Sports Science and Football Science at Liverpool John Moores University and is now a freelance writer and Perfect Fit’s leading authority on celebrity fitness and breakthrough training and kit. A new father; when not changing nappies, you will find him cycling or hiking rural Lincolnshire.

    Kate Marshall

    Kate is a writer, editor and producer and has been working in magazines, radio and television for over fifteen years, which makes her perfectly qualified as our very own style guru. Having studied English/Communication at Anglia University in Cambridge, as well as keeping us up-to-date with all fashion and male grooming, she is also writing her own book, so watch out!

    Aidan Bricker

    As a level three qualified personal trainer, and ex-competitive rower.; Aidan is our go-to guy for workout and fitness plans. As well as serving as a one-to-one PT, Aidan also works for a bespoke meal delivery company for professional and Olympic athletes in the UK.

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    Mark Pilkington

    Mark is an experienced freelance writer with a background in sports and entertainment journalism. His work has appeared in numerous publications and websites including The Daily Express, Cinemania, Fast Car and now of course, Perfect Fit. Mark is a self-confessed fitness expert, and a walking encyclopedia of information. He’s also our top writer when it comes to cardio and looking after the body while working out.

    Danyal Khan

    Danyal is a journalist and blogger, currently studying at the University of Lincoln. He plays football and dodge ball, is a Manchester United fanatic, obsessed with foods and diets needed for a ripped body, knows all the latest sports tech and even created his own men’s fitness magazine at the age of 16 for a project at his secondary school. This guy knows his stuff!

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    Luke Haward

    Luke is an author, editor and writing mentor. He writes and edits for a range of organisations, producing articles for both online and print. Luke is our go-to-guy for food, technology and all matters of the mind and wellbeing. When not writing, his interests include ecology, travel, philosophy and gaming.

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    Aimee Joseph

    Aimee’s interest in nutrition started with her own desire to get fit eight years ago she has never looked back. Her writing is fuelled by wanting to inspire and motivate others and by her own interest in continually keeping up to date with new research studies on exercise and nutrition. Having been a health writer for over three years, you will usually find Aimee’s articles in our food and supplement pages.

    Mary-Claire Akinyemi

    Mary-Claire is a freelance copywriter, blogger and artist. Currently based in London, her formative years were spent in Holland, studying the intricacies of Dutch grammar. As our gear and gadget expert; Mary-Claire will find all the tech you need before you even know you want it.

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    Angela Youngman

    A veteran journalist, Angela is also our extreme sports expert. She is a specialist in writing for travel, tourism, health and fitness with many years experience. Angela’s specialties include adventure sports and international destinations and her breathtaking subject matters transport us from the highest peaks to the longest jumps with every exhilarating moment in between.

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    Steve Hulmes

    Steve gravitated to writing via teaching and stand up comedy. You will often find him in our LIVE section covering everything from arm-wrestling to robots. He is also the ghostwriter of several novels, maybe you’ve read one?

    Dr. Abdullah Al Mutawa

    Dr. Abdullah Al Mutawa is the founder of Kuwait’s premier nutrition institution, the Rijeemy Clinic. With a background that includes a BA in Nutrition – Dietetics, a PhD in Sports Nutrition and two years at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Abdullah opened the Rijeemy Clinic in 2009. He now helps clients meet their weight loss goals every day and organises such events as two weight loss trips a year plus the annual Rijeemy 360 Walkathon; the biggest event of its kind in the Middle East. Plus he still finds time to work out every day!

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    Marie Molinie

    As well as being a major milestone for Oxygen, Kuwait and the Middle East, O2 Therapy Clinic is a dream come true for Marie Molinie who has dedicated her career to helping athletes with a passion for fitness. Having studied at Luton Universty and Glamorgan in the UK, French-born Marie has spent 15 years as a certified sports therapist and personal trainer. Her clients span from gym novices to pro triathletes, swimmers, footballers, and body builders all over the world. An athlete herself, Marie has participated in marathons, duathlons, triathlons, boxing, motorbike racing, sailing and weight training.

    Hesham Saeed

    After obtaining a mechanical engineering degree from California State University, Fresno and five years of working as an engineer, Hesham decided to give it up for his true passion; fitness. His love for athletics led him to get involved in many sports over the years such as taekwondo, kickboxing, basketball, and rugby. Along with Perfect Fit, Hesham also writes about everything that is sports and fitness related on his Instagram @illheshmi_fit and helps people achieve their fitness goals.

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    Ahmed Al Majed

    Ahmed Al Majed is the Managing Partner of Pro-Vision Sports Management. He has been working in the sports industry for over a decade and holds a master’s degree in sports management from Lausanne University and IMD, Switzerland. He has participated in more than 80 international races around the globe, including triathlons, Ironman races, MTB races, ultra marathons and expedition adventure racing.

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    Saud Hamoud Al Farhan

    Saud Hamoud Al Farhan is a licensed NLP master practitioner, master hypnotherapist and happiness coach. Having graduated as a business major from Kuwait University in 2002, Saud continued his professional education studying human psychology in the UK. Since then he has appeared on numerous radio and television programs and written two books on personal development and therapy. Follow him on instagram at @saudlimitless.

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    Ahmad Al Saleh

    Ahmad Al Saleh is a sport nutrition consultant and consulting partner of Tuning, and co-founder of a health consultation company and healthy pre-made meals restaurant. With a degree in nutrition and dietetics science and a Masters in Sport and Exercise Nutrition from the UK’s Loughborough University, he has been working in nutrition consultation for over twelve years. Originally from Kuwait, he has trained in many clinical fields abroad including Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the UK. In 2012, Ahmad worked with the Kuwait National football Team as their sport dietitian. Find him on @dietitianahmad.

    Vianney Selin

    SPARK Gym’s strength and conditioning coach Vianney Selin originates from France but has worked all over the world including China, Qatar, Congo, Serbia, Japan, South Africa and of course, Kuwait. With a sports nutrition degree and two master’s degrees in sports conditioning and sports training, Vianney has spent over a decade working with athletes to train their speed, strength, power and helping to prevent and rehabilitate injuries.

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    Pedro Ferreira

    Pedro Ferreira, originally from Portugal, is the General Manager for Fitness First at the 360 Mall. He has a BA in Physical Education and a Masters in Business Management. He is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and a Les Mills BodyPump Trainer.

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    Ali Fadel

    Ali Fadel

    Ali Fadel is an ISSA certified sport nutrition specialist. It is very fair to say that Ali is someone who leads by example; after once tipping the scales at 130kg, he lost a staggering 52kg! You can follow him on instagram at
    Ali Fadel

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    Anthony L. Almada

    Anthony L. Almada - founder and CEO of Vitargo Global Sciences, LLC - began working in the nutrition industry in 1975. A UC Berkeley graduate, in 1992 he co-founded EAS, which pioneered creatine monohydrate. He is co-author on over 30 scientific journal articles and co-founder and fellow of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN).

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    Darren Vartikian

    Darren Vartikian

    Darren Vartikian is a former IFBB Mr Australia with nearly three decades of experience in the health and fitness industry. Darren currently works as a health and wellbeing analyst, specialising in enhancing athletic performance. His book The Biomechanically Correct Training System is available from
    Darren Vartikian

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    Jeremy Van Dyken

    Dr. Jeremy Van Dyken is a counsellor at the Soor Center for Professional Therapy & Assessment and author of several periodical articles. He can be reached at [email protected]

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    Ahmad Al Abduljaleel

    Ahmad Al Abduljaleel is a certified CrossFit level 2 trainer and holds training certificates in kettlebell, powerlifting, weightlifting and mobility. He started coaching CrossFit in Kuwait in 2013 and has competed in many CrossFit competitions both at home and abroad.

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    Afkar Barakeh

    Afkar is a freelance writer, editor and blogger based in Beirut, Lebanon. She writes during the week and chases the nomad life on weekends, planning her next escape with her husband. Afkar has worked on websites, feature articles, magazines and professional advice guides. She particularly likes to write about mindfulness and practices that enhance the connection between mind and body.

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    Sera Shaw

    Sera has written for worldwide newspapers, magazines and websites on a wide range of subjects but her favourite topic is fitness. Never one to shy away from new fads, whether it's anti gravity yoga or backwards running, she will try out all the new trends and bring them straight to the pages of Perfect Fit.

    Akesha Smith

    Akesha is a self-confessed fitness and food fanatic. As a journalism student at the University of Bedfordshire, Akesha plays fallback for the school women’s rugby team, but her second home is on the sports track. Akesha’s main event is 400m running and she competes across England representing her borough Enfield and Haringey as well as winning twice for her county, Middlesex.

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    Peter Dorman

    Peter Dorman

    Originally from Northern Ireland, Pete currently lives in Glasgow studying for a postgraduate Masters degree in multimedia journalism, having already achieved an MA in politics from the University of Dundee. As a keen sportsman, he has played international level hockey and gyms as much as he can. With aspirations to be a men’s lifestyle journalist, Pete loves to write about health and fitness as well as men’s fashion.
    Peter Dorman

    Tanisha Sakhawat

    Tanisha is a fashion and style enthusiast. Tanisha graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a journalism and media studies joint honours degree in 2010. Her credentials include covering London and Paris Fashion Weeks, writing a column for Fashion Chicago Magazine and experience at The Daily Telegraph and Now Magazine in London. She now writes her own fashion and lifestyle blogs, and is the author of Perfect Fit’s ‘Five fashion essentials’ style item.

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    Lewis Martin

    Lewis is a student and gym enthusiast who is passionate about fitness. A self-proclaimed ‘budding Mr. Olympia’ he is currently supplementing his journalism studies with writing for Perfect Fit. Find him in the training section for advice on everything from calisthenics to weight training. Definitely one to look out for!

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    Owen Walters

    An avid weight lifter with previous experience as a gym instructor, Owen Walters also has a great love for the outdoors and makes annual winter climbs of the UK’s biggest mountain ranges. With those credentials, Owen’s fitness and nutritional expertise speaks for itself! Owen studied media at Goldsmiths University, London and is also an animator.

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    Natalia Domagala

    London-based freelance writer, Natalia is actively pursuing a healthy lifestyle. When not studying for her anthropology and media degree at Goldsmiths, University of London, you will find her jogging, hiking in the mountains or cycling. As a gluten-free and lactose-free food enthusiast, Natalia loves experimenting with new recipes and can’t wait to share them with Perfect Fit.

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    Sharifah Al Rabah

    Sharifah is a journalism student at Northumbria University. After trying many diets such as Dukan’s and Weight Watchers, Sharifah found an interest in busting myths created by the industry. Her hobbies outside of school include trying and testing new approaches to exercise and weight management. Sharifah believes in cooking healthy, vegetarian meals and researching nutrition as an aid to losing, gaining or maintaining weight.

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    Oscar Nicholas

    Oscar is a freelance writer, blogger and student with a passion for fitness and music. Oscar lives in Lincolnshire where he studies Journalism. When not writing he hits the gym six days a week focusing on weight training and calisthenics. During the summer he works at an American summer camp teaching kids.

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    Katie McGeary

    Katie McGeary

    Katie is currently in the final year of a Multimedia Journalism degree in Glasgow, Scotland. With roots in Irish dancing, she now has a passion for athletics. Katie also loves fashion and is a firm believer that you 
should look as good as you feel when working out and also knows that your work out playlist makes a big difference to your training. Katie will be on hand with style tips for both inside and outside the gym and the best tracks to train to.
    Katie McGeary

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    Jonny Shafto

    Jonny is currently studying media and journalism at Northumbria University On graduating, his ambition is to be a sports reporter and he has already contributed to a variety of online publications. You can find him playing for Whitley Bay FC Academy every weekend or at the gym working to his many fitness goals.

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    Christine Younan

    Christine has two loves in life: fitness and writing. Currently a journalism student at Kingston University, she is honing her skills with the view to becoming a professional writer. Along with her contributions to Perfect Fit, Christine also has her own health and fitness blog. When not studying, Christine spends her free time keeping fit and has played many sports in the past, especially football.

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    Cameron Welburn

    Cameron is a student at the University of Sunderland, where he studies broadcast journalism. Outside of school he has many interests including drawing and playing video games. One of his goals in life is to write about video games professionally so watch this space for some gear, gadget and gaming reviews!

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