Bored on the treadmill, but desperate to lose a few pounds? Cardio is a must for shedding pounds, but it doesn’t need to be dull. There’s another world away from the machines, and with it comes fun as well as weight loss. This list will help you get lighter whilst loving it.


Swimming is the ultimate form of cardio when it comes to muscle toning – because water is more dense than air, your muscles have to work harder when swimming than other cardio exercises, like jogging. If muscle tone isn’t enough, it is one of the best exercises for burning calories, too. The pool is also a tranquil place, where you can collect your thoughts; it’s the perfect place for an intense workout as well as great for a slow cool down.


This is not only fun but also challenging. You can set yourself different targets every time you go and enjoy beating your records as you see yourself progress. Some people even get a thirst for the sport, and decide to go climbing out in the wilderness or incorporate it into vacations. It’s also a social way to slim down, which always makes things more enjoyable.


A massive benefit of trampolining is that it takes pressure off your weight bearing joints, which will no doubt be put under strain by heavy weightlifting. Trampolining is good for your head as well as your heart – a 10-minute jumping session is shown to have similar health benefits to a half an hour run, because of the positive effects on your mental health and the amount your muscles have to work whilst you’re tumbling.


Basketball is always great, whether you’re playing or watching (though you can’t really lose weight courtside). It is a team sport, which adds a social element – humans are made to be social, so adding people into your cardio workout is bound to make it more enjoyable. It burns a lot of calories if you get into the game, and is also a good way to tone your muscles. Not only that, if you win you’ll get a massive ego boost!

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