Most of us would be totally lost without our mobile telephones. Here are the top 15 accessories to make your mobile even more indispensible, and turn your home into a handset-controlled hub.

LifeProof Nüüd


Finding a rugged case that is Touch ID compatible has been almost impossible – until now. The heavy inner seal means your phone is safe even if you’re working the screen when it gets wet. LifeProof are so confident that they provide a dummy iPhone 5 to test it out before you put your own in.

Veho PEBBLE Verto Portable Battery Pack


With up to 1000 extra standby hours, this powerful charger is compatible with almost any device and will automatically switch to shutoff mode to prevent short-circuiting and over-charging. A travel essential.

Switch by Native Union


This is the perfect blend of work and play. By day, use it as a Bluetooth conference call and charger, by night use it as a wireless speaker. Fashion and function; available in a range of colours, but the ‘Black Copper’ option is just beautiful.

Monocle by Native Union


Another from the treasure trove at Native Union – the monocle can clip onto your clothing or bag for a hands-free conversation or to listen to your favourite tunes. ‘Daisy chain’ up to ten together for a unique and funky speaker set.

NOD ring


A ring that lets you type, control your smart phone and even your lights with a wave of your hand. Waterproof and made from high quality black stainless steel, it comes in a range of sizes.

Parrot MINIKIT Neo


A virtual PA in the form of a portable, voice-controlled Bluetooth kit, this MINIKIT is the essential on-the-go gadget for any professional. Making work a little more fun.

Wiki Bluetooth iMusic pillow


For those who like to listen to music as they fall asleep but don’t like wearing earphones – the iMusic pillow. Speakers in the cushion mean you can slip into slumber listening to your favourite songs or audio books without disturbing anyone else. Just make sure it’s not a horror story!

Joyo Soft Table Lamp


This modern and minimal-looking lamp would the perfect addition to your home office or nightstand – especially in a guest bedroom. With three USB ports it acts as a light, storage space and a charger, and comes in a variety of colours to match your décor.

Wifi kettle


Here’s a phone accessory you would never imagine – a kettle. It comes with an app that can be controlled from anywhere in the house so you can switch it on without even getting out of bed.

OBDLink MX Bluetooth


Turn your smartphone into a scanning tool, real-time performance monitor and more with the world’s fastest Bluetooth OBD adapter. Best part about this little multi-tasker? It’s totally hacker-proof.

Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock


No more fumbling for your door keys; you can now unlock your house via Bluetooth. Promising ‘military grade encryption,’ once set up, you can send ‘ekeys’ to friends, family or house staff to be used either any time or for scheduled visits. Winner of the CES 2014 Innovation Award.

Sony QX100 attachable lens


Turn your smartphone into a DLSR with this lightweight attachable lens that lets you shoot and view images from your smartphone screen. It also has a built-in stereo microphone.

Aiptek Pocket Cinema V150W


This pocket-sized projector has built in Microsoft Office and pdf reader so it’s ideal for work presentations. But with
a picture size of 300cm, leave work and the office and pack it in your carry-on to watch movies on vacation. Action!

Moga Pro Power Controller


Turn your phone into a games console with this full-sized controller. The flip up S.M.R.T. lock secures your phone in place and you can even recharge as you play. With options for both Apple and Android plus downloadable Moga-enhanced games, the website is a one-stop shop for gamers-on-the-go.

Sidekick 360


Before the ‘selfie-stick’ came the monopod. Providing a safe and solid mount for phone photographers, the 360-degree rotating ball allows you to capture images and videos from long distance to macro photography.




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