With the world’s biggest bodybuilding competition a mere matter of days away, there are three big questions on everybody’s lips…

Can Phil Heath Do It Again?

If ‘The Gift’ lifts the Sandow on September 17, he will be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Dorian Yates and Arnold Schwarzenegger who have both also won six times in a row. Two more and he’ll join Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman with eight consecutive wins each. So what are his chances? Many believe that 2016 will be Heath’s year once again as no other bodybuilder seemed to come close to his size, shape or stage presence at last year’s Big O. Plus, at 36-years-old, Heath has age on his side compared to his main rivals from last year Dexter Jackson, 46 and Shawn Rhoden, 41. However, the return of a certain someone may add another factor into the equation for Heath.

This leads onto question two…

Will Kai Greene Compete?

Heath’s longstanding rival Kai Greene (the pair had an onstage scuffle in 2014) caused controversy at last year’s Mr. Olympia by pulling out last mintue and never fully explaining why. Earlier this year ‘The Predator’ won his third Arnold Classic title in Brazil and was typically dismissive about his possible return to Las Vegas in his winner’s interview with Shawn Ray. His coach, George Farah however eagerly replied ‘yes!’ when Ray turned his questioning to him, seemingly much to Greene’s dismay.

Watch this space.

Where Will Big Ramy Place?

We may be bias but Big Ramy’s rise to fame has been a constant source of amazement and admiration. Since 2013, Egyptian-born Mamdouh Elssbiay has soared from 8th place to 7th place in 2014 to 5th place last year. He also became the heaviest man to ever compete at the 2016 Olympia weighing in at a whopping 143kg (316lbs). Fans have speculated that if he can match his definition to his sheer size he will be the one to eventually take Heath’s crown. Ramy turns 32 the day before the O’s final so surely the best birthday present ever would be a top three placing? Good luck Ramy!

This year’s Mr. Olympia takes place over the weekend of September 15-18 2016 at Las Vegas, Nevada.

Look out for the annual Perfect Fit show review next month…

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