Your physique doesn’t have to suffer during the holy month, but knowing when and how to train is key.

A lot of us have a preconceived notion that when it comes to Ramadan, there goes all the gains and hard stacking muscle you’ve put on from the start of the year. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Platinum Health Club has designed various fitness classes to suit your activity levels at this special time of year. Classes will start from 4pm and exercises prescribed are to promote fat loss, help with joint strength and stability, plus they are carried out in a safe and enjoyable manner.

Benefits Of Fasted Fitness

Many fitness professionals tend to advocate intermittent fasting, just like the fasting we put our bodies through during Ramadan. That’s because its benefits include:

  1. A closed timeframe (about six hours) when it comes to food consumption, hence you’ll definitely produce a calorie deficit, which is ideal for individuals looking to reduce their body fat percentage.
  2. Consuming the right foods during this timeframe plus cutting down on sugary snacks, which can help to restore one’s insulin sensitivity levels.

For more information on Platinum’s class timetables, contact 1880008 or check out Instagram @platinumkw.

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