Perfect Fit offers a wide range of reasonably priced advertising opportunities, ranging from advertising banners on our website to triple page advertising spreads in the print edition. There are also opportunities for special incentives, such as false covers or product samples inserts. We also take bookings for advertorials and can feature or review your products in the magazine.

The advertising bookings can be made for specific issues as well as for long running campaigns (when a suitable discount is applied).

Our offer

Print edition:

  • Regular page, Run of magazine (rate per page)
  • Regular page, Preferred position
  • Second double page spread (DPS)
  • Inside front cover spread (IFCS)
  • Inside back cover spread (IBCS)
  • Inside back cover (IBC)
  • Outside back cover (OBC)
  • Gatefold


  • Website clickable banners
  • Website clickable buttons

Social Media:

  • Sponsored posts on Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

For advertising rates and schedules please download our media kit in PDF format or contact our sales team at [email protected]


Want more?

Perfect Fit Magazine is also a reliable provider of PR solutions. If you are looking for uncommon and non-routine ways to promote your brand, visit our Press & PR page.