Eggs have had some bad publicity in the past due to their high cholesterol levels, but there are a positive slew of benefits in their favour. Scientists are now suggesting that less cholesterol than we thought gets through to the bloodstream anyway, making them a very acceptable form of breakfast.

1.      Egg yolk is good for your brain. In fact it’s a great source of choline, a B-complex vitamin, which is known to boost cognitive function.

2.      Eggs may be perfectly edible after their sell-by date, and the best test is to immerse them in cold unsalted water. If they sink right to the bottom, they’re almost certainly good to eat. If they float or bob towards the surface, they’re best off in the bin.

3.      Eggs set the gold standard for protein quality by which all other foods are measured. The protein is egg is so digestible that it scores 100 on the biological value index, and contains all of the essential amino acids. It’s so good that athletes take it as a powdered supplement. Protein provides a feeling of fullness, aiding in weight loss programs.

4.      Egg contains two types of antioxidant, lutein and zeaxanthin, with some studies finding that the antioxidants in egg are more digestible than those found in some green vegetables. These antioxidants aid ocular health in particular.

5.      Even if you don’t eat them regularly, you could try giving eggs a go on the day the rest of the world is celebrating their existence, the second Friday of October, otherwise known as “World Egg Day”.

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