Baseball is popular across the globe – particularly in Japan and the Far East – and enjoyed by millions as a television spectacular. Hit a home run and impress your friends with this collection of facts.

I Love New York

The New York Yankees have won a leading 27 World Series in 40 appearances, far more than any other team.

War Games 

The US army designed a grenade during the Second World War that was the same size and weight as a baseball, so that any young American man could throw it.

Record Holder 

Johnny Bench holds a unique record; he’s the only professional player who can hold seven baseballs in one hand.

Knickerbocker Glory

The first ever baseball uniforms were worn in 1849 by the Knickerbockers, complete with straw hats.

Double Trouble

In 1982 Mets outfielder Joel Youngblood played for two teams on the same day when he was traded to the Expos and arrived at the pitch midway through his new team’s match.


The number of games Carl Ripkin Jr. played consecutively from 1982 to 1998.

Short Story

The shortest man to ever play a Major League Baseball game was Eddie Gaedel, who was 3 feet 7 inches (113cm) tall.

Game Over

Joel Zumaya was injured for three games during the 2006 season because he hurt himself playing Guitar Hero.

Flash Back

Jimmy Piersall celebrated his 100th home run by running around the bases backwards.

So Last Century

The first World Series was contested between Pittsburgh and Boston in 1903. It was a nine game series that was won by Boston 5-3.

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