It seems that each year we see several new extreme sports come to light as adrenaline addicted thrill seekers continue to push boundaries and redefine the meaning of extreme. Can you handle these over-the-top, over-the-edge sports? Would you want to?

Fancy yourself as a bit of an adrenaline junkie? Do you love the idea of throwing yourself off a cliff with only a parachute to save you? Or balancing on a slack rope, thousands of meters high with no safety net? What about surfing down the edge of a volcano that could erupt at any moment? If the sound of these sports hasn’t had you running for the hills, perhaps you’re a thrill-seeker at heart. Take a look at our top 10 most extreme sports listed below and see what kind of adrenaline-fuelled sports are currently available!

1. BASE Jumping

BASE jumping is far more dangerous compared to other sports such as skydiving, as it involves jumping from a fixed object using only a parachute (usually with only seconds to spare!) to break their fall. BASE is an acronym for four categories of fixed objects, from which a person can jump: Buildings, Antennas, Spans (bridges), and Earth (cliffs). The fact that you are freefalling within close proximity of fixed objects and having to deploy your parachute so late, is what makes this such a dangerous sport.

Pro Base Jumper

Name Felix Baumgartner
Age 44
From Australia
Fact The first man to jump from the edge of space

My philosophy of life is I always want to see what is beyond the edge; what is waiting for me.

Felix Baumgartner


2. Wingsuit Flying

Imagine throwing yourself off the edge of a cliff face, with nothing more than a pair of wings! Wingsuit flying involves jumping out of a helicopter or a structure thousands of feet high wearing a winged suit. These suits have an estimated glide ratio of 2.5 meters for every meter descent, meaning that large distances can be covered at very fast speeds. This sport is so dangerous, only those who have completed a minimum of 500 skydives or 200 free-fall descents within an 18 month period are eligible for their first wingsuit flight course.

Pro Wingsuit Flyer

Name Jeb Corliss
Age 37
From United States
Fact On July 1, 2011, near Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, Corliss became the first man to fly through a waterfall wearing a wingsuit

You have no control, so stop pretending you do and just get on with living your life; stop living in fear!

Jeb Corliss

3. Free Soloing

Free soloing is essentially rock climbing, but with a difference. The difference is that you have no safety ropes, harness or any other piece of equipment that could help you, should you slip. Climbers need to rely on their physical strength (using just their finger tips and toes) and climbing ability. One slip and it’s it.

Pro Free Solo Climber

Name Alex Hannold
Age 28
From United States
Fact Completed the only known solo climb (95% free climbing with a few points of aid) of the Yosemite Triple Crown

When all the movements just feel so crisp, and precise and perfect, you don’t feel pain in your fingers so much. You can tork on them super hard…you just feel stronger…

Alex Hannold

4. Volcano Boarding

We’ve all heard of skateboarding and snowboarding. But, have you heard of volcano boarding? This new craze involves climbing up a live volcano, then surfing down the side on boards made of plywood; reinforced by steel, metal or Formica. Not only do you have to be weary of hitting sharp rock, but the volcano could erupt at any time! At 726 metres high, Cerro Negro is Central America’s youngest volcano and one of the most active – having last erupted in 1999, for the 20th time.

Volcano Boarding Expert

Name Phillip Southan
Age 30
From Barbados
Fact Owner and manager of Bigfoot Hostel and Green Pathways Tours

This is a unique tour as nowhere else in the world can you board down an active volcano.

Phillip Southan

5. Highlining (slacklining)

Highlining is a sport that needs perfect balance. Similar to a tightrope, it requires two fixed points with nylon webbing stretched between them, for users to walk across high above the ground. However, the tension in the slackline can be altered to the individual’s preference and is completely flat; preventing the feet from rolling.

Pro Slackliner

Name Andy Lewis
Age 26
From United States
Fact World record holder for the first person to successfully rig and walk a 55m+ highline (2008); the first to walk a 60m+ highline (2009); rigged and walked the world’s first 100m+ highline ever (2010).

My first [slackline] experience was to walk a super-loose line next to my house with a dislocated shoulder after a climbing trip.

Andy Lewis

6. Free Running

Free running is a relatively new extreme sport, developed as a more inclusive form of Parkour. It involves expressing yourself creatively, within your own environment and without any limitations. Founded by Sebastien Foucan in 2003, free running has gained in popularity over the years, having been featured in a number of documentaries, such as Jump London (2003). This sport can be practiced without any equipment. All you need is comfortable sports clothing and a pair of trainers.

Pro Free Runner

Name Sam Parham
Age 25
From United Kingdom
Fact Sam has appeared in several blockbuster films, including: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, John Carter of Mars, Woman in Black and Pirates of the Caribbean.

I started teaching myself, loosely copying Jackie Chan and David Belle. I spent a lot of time practicing in sandpits, on grass and in the streets near where I lived. It was that kind of inspiration that really made me want to get into it and give it a go.

Sam Parham

7. Motocross

Motocross is the perfect extreme sports for petrol-heads and widely regarded as the most popular form of motorcycle racing! Combining motorcycling and cross-country, the tracks feature hills, dirt roads and muddy tracks and turns. But that’s not all you have to watch out for – in this sport, up to 40 riders can be competing on the same track at the same time – as such, crashes are common. The sport is physically demanding, as riders need to use their arms, legs, shoulders and glutes.

Pro Motocross Rider

Name Ken Roczen
Age 18
From Germany
Fact One of the youngest and most exciting MX2 riders

My philosophy of life is if you have a good fitness, you can keep going.

Ken Roczen

8. Cliff Diving

Made popular by extreme sports brand, Red Bull, cliff diving involves diving off the edge of a cliff, up to 85-feet above the sea or lakes! Every year, the Red Bull Cliff Diving competition welcomes hundreds of spectators across the globe to watch these professional athletes perform a number of acrobatic dives, extremely close to the rocky cliffs. Technical education and proper training is vital before attempting your first cliff dive.

Pro Cliff Diver

Name Artem Silchenko
Age 28
From Russia
Fact 1st Place Red Bull Cliff Diving on Inis Mor, Ireland (2012)

In Ireland when I did my back armstand… Underwater there was one second when I felt it and it was amazing. It was a new dive then, and I was still learning it, but next year I want to come back with this dive and I know now what I need to do.

Artem Silchenko

9. Running of the Bulls

Probably one of the most unpredictable extreme sports of all, the Running of the Bulls involves running in front of a small group of bulls which have been let loose, on a course of a sectioned-off part of a town’s streets. The most famous event is the week-long festival known as Sanfermines in Pamplona. However, there are a number of events which are held in various towns and villages across countries such as Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Peru and even the south of France. Each year 200-300 people are injured during the run at Sanfermines, but most are minor injuries and don’t require hospital treatment. In overall, 15 people have been killed in the bull running of Pamplona (since 1910), most of them due to goring.

Running of the Bulls Participant

Name Nicholas Ward
Age 21
From Australia
Fact Ward broke three vertebrae in his back when he was trampled by a bull at Pamplona in 2010

The number of people around me grew fast. The bulls came quickly, I fell to the ground and two bulls ran over me.

Nicholas Ward

10. Cage Fighting

If you’re a fan of boxing or judo, you may be interested in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). It’s a full contact sport which uses striking and grappling techniques, either standing up or on the ground, from a number of combat sports (karate, taekwondo, muay thai, boxing, wrestling, judo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu). MMA cage fighting combines the excitement of a combat sport with the adrenaline and theatrics of a rock concert!

Pro MMA Fighter

Name Alexander Gustafsson
Age 25
From Sweden
Fact Currently ranked as the number 1 light heavyweight contender in the world by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

The morning session generally consists of pretty hard training, including conditioning, sparring or Thai pads. Or simply a brutal strength training session. Later, in the evening, the focus is on a single aspect; like grappling, jiu-jitsu or boxing.

Alexander Gustafsson

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